Chalk Monster

Made from 100% premium grade chalk.
Chalk Monster is more than just chalk, it is a training tool for strength training, gymnastics, rock climbers or any athlete that needs that extra edge to avoid grip slip.



Never run out of chalk again! Let us fill your chalk buckets with our premium 100% athletic chalk. If you are a Box owner, a Gymnastics studio owner, Rock climbing gym owner or any entity that constantly buys chalk, then our service guarantees you savings. When you subscribe to three or more pounds per month you unlock the savings. Give us a try!


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Sweaty hands are the enemy. Removing moisture from your hands reduces the coefficient of friction on the grip, thus assisting in better a better hold.

Chalk Ball


By diminishing hand sweat our chalk improves gripping performance through the chalk’s bonding agents. Allowing you to have a more secure grip during your lifts or holds.

Crushed Chalk


 Our chalk is made with premium magnesium carbonate. There is nothing else added in our chalk. Making it the purest product you will find in the market.

Block Chalk


We love our clients so much that we had to create a section that featured them. Every two weeks we will feature 4 new partners that way everyone gets love. Without constant support from these businesses, we wouldn't be able to provide the fitness community with an amazing product and great customer service so THANK YOU! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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At Chalk Monster, we are the new standard in chalk. Eliminate grip problems while protecting skin from over-drying and cracking. Our chalk is designed for the extreme demands of crossfitters, gymnasts, track and field athletes, rock climbers and is becoming the choice of top athletes in all grip-dependent sports. The hashtags #unleashyourchalkmonster, #iamchalkmonster and #chalkmonster has helped many athletes finally find a chalk they can rely on to keep their hands drier and healthier, longer. Check out our store and find out yourself how to #unleashyourchalkmonster.


Am I locked in a contract when I subscribe to your service?

No there is no contract. We do ask you to stay a minimum of 3 billing cycles before you cancel.

What is the minimum for me to subscribe to your service?

There is a 3 lb. minimum in order to be part of the subscribtion service and receive the $7.66 lb pricing.