How to use that white poweder everyone in the gym is using

How To Use Chalk 

With so many things in life, MORE IS BETTER. But again, not the case with chalk.

You don’t need to cake your hands with chalk to get the desired effect. Instead, rub the block or the ball across your hands once, that should be enough to remove any excess perspiration. If you find the chalk mixing with your sweat instead of drying it, try drying your hands with a towel first, then apply the chalk.

And once more, chalk is messy, so make sure when you’re done you wipe down your area or implement with a damp towel.

Chalk comes in a few different forms: block, powder, ball, and liquid. Aside from the liquid chalk, there really is no difference in any of the other forms; instead it’s just a matter of personal preference.


This is an excerpt written by Jordan Pagel