Strongman Sandbags

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Our custom made Kratus Strongman sandbags are the most heavy duty 1050D Cordura construction material training bags in the market. Our bags are ready to take your training to the next level! This bag is perfect for a home gym who wants to add to their collection or a gym that wants try out our product before committing to a big order.

Made from Reinforced 1050D Cordura Nylon with full seam reinforcement in the manufacturing process. The bags consists of two parts: Outer heavy duty cover which is essentially a cover with YKK Zipper and heavy duty Velcro coverage over the zipper and a heavy duty liner in which the sand needs to be filled. This give you several layers to distribute the force of the sand within the bag without mess or fuss.

These loadable sandbags are provided empty and require clean dry play sand to fill the inner bags and must be filled to weight using scales and are designed for their specific weights listed and not to be overfilled or filled with other products other than clean dry play sand that can be purchased at any hardware store (not included)

These bags are made per order. Please allow 4 days for processing order (making the bags) plus 7-9 days for shipping.

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