About Us

Chalk Monster is a small company that began in Pinellas County Florida. Since our humble beginnings, we expanded to Southern Central Kentucky. Williams "Mumbles" Simmons and myself Mario Paredes are the brain, heart and soul of this amazing company. Let us not forget to mention Rebekah Simmons and Katie Singletary also play a super important roll and we certainly could not do it without their support.

I started this company from a concept that began during an earlier philanthropic endeavor at Crossfit Clearwater in 2013.

In that time, I experienced the frustrations of athletes, and coaches alike, as both were constantly reaching for the chalk during the hot, sweaty Florida workouts.  

We all know that chalk is a simple workout companion that always seems to get used up fast, and we found that our performance and safety were impacted when it ran out unexpectedly. Waiting for another shipment was no fun, so we set out to ensure that our fitness community wouldn’t have to go without anymore.

We began by sourcing the highest quality chalk and then created a high-touch service model that ensures that this important workout partner is always close
at hand.  

We wanted to make it set-and-forget simple for fitness facility owners to get the highest quality chalk at an affordable price on their athlete’s for all of their fitness goals, but we didn’t predict how fast this would take off. We’ve since realized that we were not alone in our frustrations. The response has been gratifying and has truly exceeded our expectations. We are certainly disrupting the chalk world.

Athletes, Rock Climbing gyms, Gymnastic studio and Crossfit boxes are connecting with the Chalk Monster lifestyle and promoting the brand around the world and on the podiums, as you can see in our IG feed. We couldn’t be happier with how it has taken on a life of its own and we’d like to invite you to come be a Chalk Monster with us.